On Emoji Abundance & Podcast Descriptions

Today I probably used more emoji than in all my previous days combined. There are now so many emoji you can even tell stories with them. That’s what I did. I attempted to describe some of the podcasts I listen to using only (mostly) emoji.

From a design standpoint I think emoji are great and have a potential I hadn’t realised. What is lacking is cross-platform consistency and decent input methods. Slack is a shining example in how emoji-input should be implemented. So much so, that I pre-wrote many tweets in slack before re-writing them in Tweetbotย (sadly I could not copy & paste).

Worst is when emoji just fail completely:

Then the communication & effect is lost & frankly I just look stupid. On that note, hope these emoji display alright wherever your viewing them on now.


PS: I am glad @Levisanย already picked up on writing podcast descriptions in emoji and contributed his own. I’d love to see more of these. Please use #emojipod and your tweets will show up below