Adventure 08 – Vorsass to Waldegg

Two weeks ago I saw the Alps from the Belchen. Today I was there.

It was in incredible walk. No wonder the Swiss Alps are on many a traveler's bucket list.

I've seen similar views on past hikes, but this never gets old. Stunning, breathtaking, and beautiful.

The weather was perfect too. Even had to put on sunscreen.

This time I hiked with a group from Zürich. I met them over the great Meetup App. We took a cable car up to Vorsass and hiked from there over Niederhorn to Waldegg. It was good fun, I met lots of interesting people, and hardly had to plan a thing.

Here are some of the views as well as my phone could capture them.

Adventure 07 – The Hohe Möhr

This week I took a new pair of hiking shoes for a spin. It wasn’t the grandest of hikes, but still good fun.

This was definitely a time that doing Adventure 52 and writing about it here was the only reason I got out the door. I am very grateful it did.

I was tired and down. There were a bunch of things on my mind and it wasn’t in the best states to deal with them.

A good 2.5h hike (more of a walk actually) in the sunshine and fresh air with a beautiful view at the end was just what I needed.

I went up the Hohe Möhr to the tower and viewpoint there.

The view was great from the top. I could see the Belchen where I had been last week.

Looking forward to more and longer hikes coming.

Adventure 06 – Hiking up the Belchen

Take a look at this literally1 breathtaking view:

Now imagine something 1000x better because no picture can do it justice.

'nough said! It was awesome.

Here are some more pictures:

PS: for the curious. I hiked from Schönau to the top of the Belchen "mountain" (1414m) along this route.

  1. yes, I do mean literally. I gasped when I first saw the Alps past those hills. What are but faint outlines in these pictures was a majestically lit mountain range in real life.

Adventure 05 – Rainy Cycling Trip

This week I went on a short cycling trip near where I live.

I wasn't out long, but it wasn't about that. It was about the feeling of freedom in getting on my bike with no place I had to be. I had no destination or agenda.

It started to rain, but I didn't care one bit. On the contrary, I actually enjoyed it. Here are a couple pictures from my trip.

As I mentioned, I was sick last week. That tends to impact my motivation and discipline, especially if I'm sick for a couple days. So I hadn't even planed this week's trip.

To be honest, that's not the idea with Adventure 52. I actually want to plan things out for my future self, so I don't have to make decisions in the moment. It's like lowering the "activation energy" required to get out the door.

I will be planning more now and in the future, which will also make bigger trips possible. The warmer weather and longer days also help with that.

Adventure 04 – Competing with Photographs and Rembrandts

Last week I was sick and could not go far for Adventure52. So I went for a 30 min walk on Sunday, reflecting on my profound experience of the Informalism art pieces in the Kunstmuseum in Vaduz the week prior.

I took my field recorder with me and recorded those thoughts. Part of why I love travelling and getting out is the chance it gives me to reflect. So this was right in the spirit of Adventure52.

Just a heads up, this turned out to be surprisingly personal. You can listen below. Here are also some pictures of the Art Informel so you know what I’m talking about.