Adventure 12 – the Dreiländereck

This week I took my new set of wheels out for a spin. It was already late Saturday afternoon, not even an hour before sunset, but I knew it would do me good. I was tired too, but the kind of tired that sitting at home won't fix.

I loved it. My racing bike weighs less than half of the old one and is so much fun to ride. I was flying at first. But I don't (yet?) have the endurance to keep up that pace.

Rivers are beautiful too. I had never been at the point where the Wiese runs into the Rhein. It was great, especially with the red evening skies.

Just north is the Dreiländereck. That is where France, Switzerland, and Germany meet. It's also a nice spot with a landmark and bridge to France just north.

I'm sure this is only only the first trip with many still to come.

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