Adventure 18 – Rome

Yes, I flew to Rome. And it was awesome. What’s more, only one weekend before, I had no idea I’d be doing this. Europe is great for that.

I love big cities and their horizon-altering architecture. Rome was no different.

It started with me coming home late on Tuesday, thinking of the coming weekend and all I’ve got on my plate right now. “I need to get out, to get away from this all” was the stinging urge inside me. Not 30 minutes later I had booked my flights.

Why Rome? It snowed here last Wednesday! Rome was 10°C warmer. And come on, it’s Rome!

The Colosseum was as impressive as they say and then some. And I couldn’t pass up the Photo opportunity, as cliche as it is.

The Rome trip was also marked by great food. What impressed me most was the quality of the bread, and I’m German. I didn’t have a bad piece of bread while I was there, and that included a side-of-the-road-truck sandwich and airport pizza.

Espresso was also great. Not across the board, but Italian espresso has spoilt espresso for me. Top food experience was spagetti at Da Francesco. This was something else entirely. Got the tip from an Italian friend.

And of course some really cool ancient stuff. Perhaps even more interesting than the Colosseum is the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. Next time I’d get more of a tour here, as there isn’t so much information on site and the rubble doesn’t speak for itself.

This has to be my favorite spot in all of Rome, view-wise. It’s a corner of the Palatine Hill.

Best part of the trip though was meeting Drew and Zeynep form Istanbul and then spending an evening with a group of Italian friends who had found and returned Drew’s lost wallet. We met at an out of the way Pizza place.

It goes without saying that the food was superb. But what I appreciated much more is the welcoming nature of a group of friends and the very unlikely get-together of three travel groups of four nationalities all because someone did the right thing and returned a wallet to its owner.

PS: I talked about this trip on the latest episode of Breadcrumbs (to be released this Friday 5.5.2017). You can find that here.

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