Adventure 20 – The MUBA

A cool thing about studying my Masters in Basel is the mix of people I get to study with: architects, scenographers, industrial designers, and fashion designers.

Sophie is one of said fashion designers and currently has an exhibition at the Mustermesse Basel (MUBA), a consumer fair. It was a good destination this week as I was curious about her work and the fair in general.

Her pieces play with the beauty of electronic components, using them as ornaments rather than hiding them as we see more commonly in consumer tech. Above I am listening to the recordings that play from the pieces upon pulling a cord.

It’s odd interacting with a “painting” like this – but that’s the point. To challenge our perceptions of tech, fashion, and art. Technology doesn’t have to be invisible. It doesn’t have to be pragmatic.

The rest of the fair was also good. Two highlights were seeing the Tesla Model X for the first time and chatting with an Uber rep for a while. Especially after the most recent episode of Breadcrumbs.

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