Adventure 21 – Murree, Pakistan

I’m home in Murree.

But I call many places home and yet have no real home. That’s the life of a third culture kid (TCK). It’s a blessing and a curse.

Home status: it’s complicated.

But I am back and it is really good. Good not in the awesome or sweet sense, but in the true good sense. It is good to be home.

I’m in Pakistan as my brother is graduating from high school next week and my parents will be going back to Germany only days later. It’s a big move after 18 years in the country.

It’s also a big goodbye for me as my home here dissolves with their departure.

Understandably I could write a lot more than a blog post about the place I grew up. Yet today I’m just going to tell the story of my visit.

Side note: if you are interested in more of the back story, stay tuned for the coming episode of Breadcrumbs. Sean and I will be musing about the good old days of growing up together here in Pakistan.

On Monday I went into downtown Murree with my friend Joshua, who was brave enough to come along to Pakistan. We hitched a ride with the nearest Suzuki heading that way. As all the seats inside were taken, we rode on the side as the locals do (picture below)

We walked up through the Murree bazaar and bought some dried apricots and a three dollar watch at one of the garage-sized stores. For lunch we ate at the Al Maida restaurant. A classic Sunday lunch destination and a family favorite.

This sight is commonplace here. Roads are tight and correct parking is enforced by forklift.

Murree is at over 2000 m altitude. The view can be magnificent. After walking to Kashmir Point and the Governor’s house we took the steep road down to Jhika Gali (pictured below).

From there we caught a ride back home. For me it was just a normal day out. For Joshua it was quite the novel adventure.

Stay tuned for more of Pakistan next week.

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